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Chemical Metering Pumps Solve CP&L’s Demineralization Problem

In order to solve a plugging problem in injection system of its coal-fired Lee plant in Goldsboro, NC, Carolina Power & Light Co. replaced the system with two chemical metering pumps.

The two chemical metering pumps, made by Hydroflo Corp., have withstood continuous exposure to regenerating chemicals for almost ten years and have required minimal maintenance to the utility.
Lee Plant
The Lee plant has three steam units: two units generate 76 MW net, and the other produces 252 MW net.

The plant’s regenerating system is part of the demineralizer, which purifies water on the way to the boiler. According to Robert kale, Lee plant engineering technician, an injection system had been used to add chemicals to the regeneration process. The injector frequently became plugged with scale and rust, preventing the release of sufficient mounts of chemical. Each time the problem occurred, a four hour process consisting of repairs and water retreatment was necessary.

When CP&L replaced the injection system with two Hydroflow diaphragm pumps, “The problem has disappeared, saving us on maintenance coasts,“ stated Kale. “And we no longer have to waste time re-treating plant water, so we can run our regeneration system more efficiently.”
Pump Operation
The diaphragm pumps inject 0.83 gallons/minute of sodium hydroxide and 0.6 gallons/minute of hydrochloric acid into the regeneration system at 20 psi. The drives are fully enclosed and the pumps are equipped with large, guided, straight-through flow ball check valves to prevent clogging.

The capacities of the pumps can be adjusted from 0-100 percent at any time, even during operation. This option permits better control over chemical concentrations and more efficient chemical use, said Kale.
The switch from injection system to pumps has allowed CP&L to use 2,000- and 6,000-gallon chemical storage tanks instead of 55-gallon […]

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2013 Record Sales Year

AquFlow has been registering impressive growth numbers  over the last few years, growing as much as 35.4% in 2013. This growth is the direct result of the confidence we have established among our customers who have come to expect exceptional service and support in addition to the dependable quality they have known to expect from our metering pumps.

We introduced an additional line of pumps to cover the small flow and high pressure applications with Series 900 pumps. This line filled a niche that was needed in the market place. There are not too many pumps out there that can give flow rates in the range of less than a Gallon Per Day with a +/-1% accuracy. The pressure can go up to 3,000 psi. This line complies with API 675 requirements like all the other pumps manufactured by AquFlow.

Another factor that played a major role in the growth is our expansion into the overseas markets. Our sales to Middle East, and South East Asia especially did well during the year. Last but not least our sales of complete package systems also took off quite well during the year. We now have the capability to offer turnkey systems for most applications.

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