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AquFlow Expands PVC and PVDF Liquid End Options for its Small Volume Series 1000 and Series 900 Pumps

AquFlow continues to expand its product line in response to the customer requirements. Due to the popularity and specific customer demand we have developed plastic liquid ends for low flow Series 1000 pumps and the entire Series 900 pumps. Not only does that fill a gap in our range of corrosion resistant materials but it also adds a lower cost alternative to the more expensive metals required for the applications. These liquid ends are now available for 3/8″, 9/16″ and 3/4″ plunger sizes in Series 1000 as well as the entire range of 3/16″, 1/4″ and 3/8″ plunger sizes in Series 900 pumps.

These liquid end options are available in a variety of plastics including PVC and PVDF. In addition to the diaphragm head and the check valves made from these corrosion resistant materials our pump liquid end also includes PTFE diaphragm and contour plate in a similar corrosion resistant plastic. The diaphragm heads up to the 3/8″ plunger size includes a contour plate that is built in to reduce the number of parts and increase the ease of service and repair. While PVC is a popular option for use with Sodium Hypochorite, Ferric Chloride etc., PVDF is solid against any corrosion from most harsh chemicals such as acids etc.

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AquFlow Announces the Launch of their New Website

AquFlow an Irvine, California based manufacturer of chemical metering pumps announced the launch of their all new website which automatically adapts to various formats including tablets, mobile phones and PCs. After several successive years of double digit growth in sales and expansion in product line AquFlow developed a website that is more user friendly and interactive. The new website will be populated with graphic and video rich content to showcase AquFlow’s product line as well as its unique customized solutions.

“AquFlow’s growth over these years has been fueled mainly by the satisfied customers who keep coming back to us for many of their pump related needs. They are usually so satisfied with our product and especially our service that they often demand we offer more comprehensive systems and a wider range of solutions. Our new website is the first step towards providing them with a platform to get this information to them when and where they need it.” according to Akbar (Al) Hussaini, CEO. “New content in the form of instructional videos, case studies and application assistance will soon feature on the website to make the customer experience almost as delightful as using our AquFlow pumps and systems.”

The new website will also feature AquFlow Blog that will cover not only the latest news and developments in the chemical dosing world but incorporate archives of newsletters from the past for easy reference. Additionally AquFlow is also investing resources to incorporate social media and organic SEO to improve their ranking in major search engines. “This new website will be a huge factor in our domestic and international growth strategies” said Dan Lanman, Sales Manager.

AquFlow based in Irvine, CA manufactures a complete line of chemical metering pumps, accessories and […]

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