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AquFlow successfully completes large overseas project

Have you gotten the chance to see our 14 metering pumps designed for a large scale overseas project?

AquFlow was awarded a large chemical injection project for Kuwait National Petroleum Company in late 2015 which included several Series 3000 and Series 4000 pumps. These pumps were made to API 675 standards and included several options such as vacuum leak detection system, ECCA automatic stroke controller and special IEC motor adapters.

With this project we have further expanded our reach in Middle East and Asian market as the contracting company was Korean. AquFlow pumps were applied in a variety of applications including Neutralization Caustic injection, Polishing Sulfuric Acid injection and Demineralizing Sulfuric Acid.

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Controlling Pump Capacity with ECCA

The pump capacity of hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps can be controlled both manually and automatically. Automatic adjustment can be handled by an Electronic Capacity Control (ECCA). This replaces the standard manual micrometer knob and can be mounted directly onto the pump. AquFlow’s ECCA uses miniaturized, state-of-the-art electronic technology built around an AC synchronous motor, which permits precise actuator travel, without hunting or overshoot.

The actuator may be housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure or NEMA 7 enclosure. Regardless of choice of enclosure, the ECCA is designed with convenient installation and maintenance in mind. Color-coded wiring leads simplify field installation and are fully encapsulated to keep moisture out. Encapsulated wiring leads also eliminate the need to open actuator housing to accomplish field wiring.

For more details and specs, visit our page or contact an AquFlow representative.

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