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Major Factors to Consider in Designing and Installing a Chemical Injection Skid System

3. Chemical, Performance and Specifications

This is at the heart of any chemical injection system. Dispensing and handling chemicals is the Raison D’etre (the main purpose) for the system. Choice of material of construction for the wetted parts and its corrosion resistance is not just a reliability issue but also a serious safety concern. The rate at which the chemical needs to be injected directly impacts the  effectiveness of the process. The pressure at which the chemical needs to be delivered would dictate the strength of the pipes and power for the driver / motor for the pump.

Here we delve deep into what chemical we are pumping, where it is coming from (source tank) and where it is going (injection point) along with the precise flow rate and the pressure it needs to overcome. Metering pumps do not perform well if the suction line is too long or too narrow. Hence the location of the supply tank in relation to the pump skid needs to be within a reasonable distance. The pipe diameter for the pump needs to be large enough so it does not offer enough restriction to starve the pump in its fill cycle. Another concern is the relation of the location of the pump to the tank chemical level on a vertical axis. If the pump has to lift the chemical from a level that is far below the pump suction port, the pump needs to be chosen with enhanced suction capabilities.

Additionally the corrosion resistance to the chemical for the pump, piping/fittings and any other component that comes in contact with the chemical needs to be carefully examined before material of construction is chosen. Often times the main material is chosen correctly to […]

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