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We had a very successful participation at the World Ag Expo 2019 in Tulare California where we met with several potential new customers. There was a tremendous amount of interest in our chemical injection pumps which are used for fertigation as well as acid injection for pH balance. Our new products like Acid-Bot and Chem-Bot were very well received.




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Major Factors to Consider in Designing and Installing a Chemical Injection Skid System

7. Transportation/Installation and Start-Up

As we have discussed in earlier articles in this series, a chemical injection skid is a complex system where several components need to come together and deliver the expected rate of chemical to the process fluid. This performance needs to happen not in just the ideal manufacturer’s lab conditions but out there in the field where there are many variables. However, the first hurdle is to make sure that the unit is transported in a way that will not disturb the assembly or its controls.

The consideration to efficiently transport the skid needs to be done at the time of design. You need to have the weight distribution which will allow for the skid to be lifted evenly. There needs to be lifting lugs located on the frame that will not only lift the skid properly but also the cables/chains under tension should not rub against any equipment or piping. A good 3-D modeling of the system comes in very handy to see that there is clearance when the skid is lifted and put on and off a truck. Also, the frame width should not exceed the bed size of the truck. Safe and proper handling of the skid system is critical during transportation to prevent any damage.

Once the system is delivered to the site it needs to be moved to the installation location with the same considerations as above. Good planning is critical here, not just on the part of the manufacturer but also for the site. The site would allow wide paths to move the system without interference with other equipment, piping or wires which may be pre-installed at the site. The skid then needs to be hooked up with piping […]

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