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How Does a Teal Pump Change to Yellow?

Many of you may already know this, but we started our life as Hydroflo in 1972.


Hydroflo pumps were revolutionary in design and quickly built their reputation as one of the most durable pumps. Soon the teal colored pumps were all over known for their quality and reliability. Then after the original founder Mr. John Klembeth retired in 1996, the company changed hands a couple of times under two different managements. That is where the names Penn Process Technologies and Nikkiso come in.

In 2007, AquFlow re-launched the pump line with a new name and a fresh new look with Golden Yellow color. So whether you have a teal green pump, a yellow pump, a Hydroflo pump, a Penn Process pump, or a Nikkiso pump, you need to contact AquFlow for all the spares, accessories and replacement pumps.

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Why Matching Accessories is All The Rage in the Pump World

You seldom use a metering pump by itself. You need many if not all of these accessories based upon your application:

Back Pressure Valve
Safety Relief Valve
Calibration Column 
Inlet Strainer
Pressure Gauge 
Pulsation Dampeners 
Injection Quills, etc.

Shopping around for these accessories could be time consuming and complex when you are trying to match the material of the wetted parts, connection sizes and pressure capabilities. Then when you finally have it all put together and something is not working as expected, the blame game begins. It’s the pump’s fault, no it is the valves’ fault, or may be the pressure gauge or calibration column is not accurate. Call all these vendors who conveniently blame every other component except theirs.

To solve this common problem AquFlow provides a complete set of matching accessories. Just ask for these accessories when you order the pump. So it all comes together and ready to use. In the unlikely event something does not work, you only need to call one company – AquFlow. Please call us and ask us to email you the brochure for these accessories.

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Too Many Choices – Which Pump is the One for Me?

Often times we are bombarded with choices in the market place which could get confusing. In metering pump world one faces a similar situation. You can get a metering pump for the same specifications in a wide range of prices. We did a recent study to find the range of prices could be mind boggling from USD 250 to USD 1,500. Which pump would be best suited for your application? How do you make the choice. Well we thought a simple comparison table below will help you navigate through the choices and arrive at the most suitable pump for your needs.

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Controlling the Flow Capacity of a Metering Pump

Since a metering pumps is usually a positive displacement pump there are two possible ways of controlling the flow capacity. The first one is by adjusting the volume of liquid displaced per stroke of the pump and the second is by adjusting the speed of the strokes.

I. Stroke Length – control the displacement volume per stroke

II. Speed of Strokes per minute

1. Stroke Length – Manual: In AquFlow hydraulic diaphragm metering pump all pumps come with a standard manual knob to adjust the volume from 100% down to 5% or 10% without compromising the accuracy. On AquFlow pumps you can adjust the manual knob even while the pump is running unlike some other pumps where you have to turn the pump off before adjustment.

2. Stroke Length – Automatic ECCA: The stroke length can also be controlled automatically with an electronic signal (usually 4-20mA) coming from a source such as SCADA, PLC or a computer.

3. Stroke Speed / Frequency – VFD: We can adjust the speed of the pump by connecting a VFD to run the motor. Here again you can achieve very low flows by reducing the speed of the pump.

4. Dual Axis Control – Stroke Length And Stroke Speed Combined: Here we get the ultimate in control to the finest resolution by combining both the Stroke Length as well as the Stroke Speed. This can e done with a manual adjuster or automatic with electronic signal.

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5 Things That Will Improve The Accuracy of a Metering Pump

Use a Back Pressure Valve to apply consistent pressure on the check valve balls so they close promptly and firmly.

Ensure there are no air bubbles trapped inside the pump chamber or anywhere else in the discharge line. The air bubble will compress and expand without pushing the liquid through. Remember gas / air is compressible while liquids are not compressible.

Use a degassing valve installed on the pump head when pumping a chemical such as sodium hypochlorite that can off-gas, in low flow rates. This is similar to introducing air bubbles in the line.

Ensure the suction line is clean and there is adequate NPSH. This is to prevent cavitations and consequent diaphragm failure.

Always use hydraulically balanced diaphragm metering pump. This is the only design which takes away the diaphragm stretching out of the equation as it balanced the process side pressure with the hydraulic pressure on the other side. It also ensures that the diaphragm lasts a very long time.

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AquFlow Expands PVC and PVDF Liquid End Options for its Small Volume Series 1000 and Series 900 Pumps

AquFlow continues to expand its product line in response to the customer requirements. Due to the popularity and specific customer demand we have developed plastic liquid ends for low flow Series 1000 pumps and the entire Series 900 pumps. Not only does that fill a gap in our range of corrosion resistant materials but it also adds a lower cost alternative to the more expensive metals required for the applications. These liquid ends are now available for 3/8″, 9/16″ and 3/4″ plunger sizes in Series 1000 as well as the entire range of 3/16″, 1/4″ and 3/8″ plunger sizes in Series 900 pumps.

These liquid end options are available in a variety of plastics including PVC and PVDF. In addition to the diaphragm head and the check valves made from these corrosion resistant materials our pump liquid end also includes PTFE diaphragm and contour plate in a similar corrosion resistant plastic. The diaphragm heads up to the 3/8″ plunger size includes a contour plate that is built in to reduce the number of parts and increase the ease of service and repair. While PVC is a popular option for use with Sodium Hypochorite, Ferric Chloride etc., PVDF is solid against any corrosion from most harsh chemicals such as acids etc.

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AquFlow Announces the Launch of their New Website

AquFlow an Irvine, California based manufacturer of chemical metering pumps announced the launch of their all new website which automatically adapts to various formats including tablets, mobile phones and PCs. After several successive years of double digit growth in sales and expansion in product line AquFlow developed a website that is more user friendly and interactive. The new website will be populated with graphic and video rich content to showcase AquFlow’s product line as well as its unique customized solutions.

“AquFlow’s growth over these years has been fueled mainly by the satisfied customers who keep coming back to us for many of their pump related needs. They are usually so satisfied with our product and especially our service that they often demand we offer more comprehensive systems and a wider range of solutions. Our new website is the first step towards providing them with a platform to get this information to them when and where they need it.” according to Akbar (Al) Hussaini, CEO. “New content in the form of instructional videos, case studies and application assistance will soon feature on the website to make the customer experience almost as delightful as using our AquFlow pumps and systems.”

The new website will also feature AquFlow Blog that will cover not only the latest news and developments in the chemical dosing world but incorporate archives of newsletters from the past for easy reference. Additionally AquFlow is also investing resources to incorporate social media and organic SEO to improve their ranking in major search engines. “This new website will be a huge factor in our domestic and international growth strategies” said Dan Lanman, Sales Manager.

AquFlow based in Irvine, CA manufactures a complete line of chemical metering pumps, accessories and […]

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Chemical Metering Pumps Solve CP&L’s Demineralization Problem

In order to solve a plugging problem in injection system of its coal-fired Lee plant in Goldsboro, NC, Carolina Power & Light Co. replaced the system with two chemical metering pumps.

The two chemical metering pumps, made by Hydroflo Corp., have withstood continuous exposure to regenerating chemicals for almost ten years and have required minimal maintenance to the utility.
Lee Plant
The Lee plant has three steam units: two units generate 76 MW net, and the other produces 252 MW net.

The plant’s regenerating system is part of the demineralizer, which purifies water on the way to the boiler. According to Robert kale, Lee plant engineering technician, an injection system had been used to add chemicals to the regeneration process. The injector frequently became plugged with scale and rust, preventing the release of sufficient mounts of chemical. Each time the problem occurred, a four hour process consisting of repairs and water retreatment was necessary.

When CP&L replaced the injection system with two Hydroflow diaphragm pumps, “The problem has disappeared, saving us on maintenance coasts,“ stated Kale. “And we no longer have to waste time re-treating plant water, so we can run our regeneration system more efficiently.”
Pump Operation
The diaphragm pumps inject 0.83 gallons/minute of sodium hydroxide and 0.6 gallons/minute of hydrochloric acid into the regeneration system at 20 psi. The drives are fully enclosed and the pumps are equipped with large, guided, straight-through flow ball check valves to prevent clogging.

The capacities of the pumps can be adjusted from 0-100 percent at any time, even during operation. This option permits better control over chemical concentrations and more efficient chemical use, said Kale.
The switch from injection system to pumps has allowed CP&L to use 2,000- and 6,000-gallon chemical storage tanks instead of 55-gallon […]

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2013 Record Sales Year

AquFlow has been registering impressive growth numbers  over the last few years, growing as much as 35.4% in 2013. This growth is the direct result of the confidence we have established among our customers who have come to expect exceptional service and support in addition to the dependable quality they have known to expect from our metering pumps.

We introduced an additional line of pumps to cover the small flow and high pressure applications with Series 900 pumps. This line filled a niche that was needed in the market place. There are not too many pumps out there that can give flow rates in the range of less than a Gallon Per Day with a +/-1% accuracy. The pressure can go up to 3,000 psi. This line complies with API 675 requirements like all the other pumps manufactured by AquFlow.

Another factor that played a major role in the growth is our expansion into the overseas markets. Our sales to Middle East, and South East Asia especially did well during the year. Last but not least our sales of complete package systems also took off quite well during the year. We now have the capability to offer turnkey systems for most applications.

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AquFlow at Weftec 2014

AquFlow will be at Weftec 2014. Come visit us at Booth 241.

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