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AquFlow Manufacturing with Covid-19 Guidelines

AquFlow is considered an Essential and Critical Infrastructure manufacturer under governmental guidelines. We supply products, services, and parts to Water, Energy, Food & Agriculture sectors and we received customer letters urging us to stay open. We had reduced hours for a few weeks and now since the beginning of May 2020, we are working normal hours and full time to support our customers. Please visit our website here to see our working hours

We however have put in place measures to keep our workers safe whether they are in the office, warehouse, or factory floor. Following are some of the preventative measures we have in place,

Every person should wear a mask.

We maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance between each other at all times. As a result, we do not use a conference room for more than 4 people and hold meetings in a much larger hall where this distance can be maintained.

We have strict orders for employees to stay home if they have any COvid-19 symptoms.

We have special procedures to clean mail and all incoming shipments so our workers are protected.

We encourage people to use a disinfectant solution to wipe handles, switches, and other commonly touched surfaces.

We have stopped allowing visitors who walk in. Those visitors who have to come in for business that cannot be handled remotely are required to get prior authorization and make a case why this requires physical presence.

We require PPE in addition to face mask where needed for safety.

We want to let our customers know that with these precautions and safety measures we intend to stay open through this pandemic and long after it is gone. We also would like to remind each other that we will beat this and […]

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We had a very successful participation at the World Ag Expo 2019 in Tulare California where we met with several potential new customers. There was a tremendous amount of interest in our chemical injection pumps which are used for fertigation as well as acid injection for pH balance. Our new products like Acid-Bot and Chem-Bot were very well received.




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Major Factors to Consider in Designing and Installing a Chemical Injection Skid System

7. Transportation/Installation and Start-Up

As we have discussed in earlier articles in this series, a chemical injection skid is a complex system where several components need to come together and deliver the expected rate of chemical to the process fluid. This performance needs to happen not in just the ideal manufacturer’s lab conditions but out there in the field where there are many variables. However, the first hurdle is to make sure that the unit is transported in a way that will not disturb the assembly or its controls.

The consideration to efficiently transport the skid needs to be done at the time of design. You need to have the weight distribution which will allow for the skid to be lifted evenly. There needs to be lifting lugs located on the frame that will not only lift the skid properly but also the cables/chains under tension should not rub against any equipment or piping. A good 3-D modeling of the system comes in very handy to see that there is clearance when the skid is lifted and put on and off a truck. Also, the frame width should not exceed the bed size of the truck. Safe and proper handling of the skid system is critical during transportation to prevent any damage.

Once the system is delivered to the site it needs to be moved to the installation location with the same considerations as above. Good planning is critical here, not just on the part of the manufacturer but also for the site. The site would allow wide paths to move the system without interference with other equipment, piping or wires which may be pre-installed at the site. The skid then needs to be hooked up with piping […]

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Major Factors to Consider in Designing and Installing a Chemical Injection Skid System

6. Assembly, Reliability and Testing

By definition, any system is an assembly of many individual components, parts and sub-assemblies. Many of these are manufactured by separate companies. When the system does not work properly it results in each manufacturer suspecting the issue to be with the other component manufacturer. As a result, this experience could become very frustrating quickly. Proper care and evaluation at the time of selection of these components are essential. Understanding of compatibility between components requires mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and chemical analysis to ensure these work well together and produce the end result desired by the customer. This is where a good systems integrator comes in with the expertise and experience to make it all come together and perform as per expectations.

One of the important considerations during the assembly is that it should be designed not only to perform onsite but also be able to withstand the movements and impacts during transportation if the system is assembled offsite. Adequate provisions need to be allowed to lift and place it in a truck, unload it from there and place it precisely on the intended site. While many pipes and fittings can be adequately supported for onsite operation, they will not be able to survive the transportation and handling resulting in leaks. Hence extra support should be installed for pipes and any other heavy component. The pipes also need to have easy to assemble unions at the ends so the suction and discharge piping can be installed correctly and quickly. A flexible coupling or tubing may be required in difficult and demanding situations. Do not have pipes or fittings carrying chemicals directly above important and sensitive components which will be vulnerable to a drip of […]

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