Leak Detection Systems for Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pumps

Aquflow hydraulically-actuated diaphragm metering pumps are by design both rugged and leakproof. However, in some difficult and/or critical chemical feeding applications, it is often desirable to add diaphragm leak detection – whether to protect the pump from hostile chemicals or to protect the process from possible contamination by hydraulic fluid.

For these applications, AquFlow has developed two highly reliable diaphragm leak detection systems. Your NPA sales representative can help you determine which system is best suited for your particular needs.

Series 3000 Pump w/ PVDF Liquid End and Conductivity Probe

Conductivity-Type Leak Detection

The conductivity-type leak detection system can be furnished on either tubular/disc diaphragm or double disc type diaphragm liquid ends. The system consists of a conductivity probe mounted in the pump intermediate chamber between the diaphragms. This intermediate chamber is filled with process compatible non-conductive fluid.

In the event of a diaphragm failure, process fluid leaking into the intermediate chamber results in a change of conductivity. This change in conductivity of the intermediate fluid increases probe current through the sensing circuit of the solid state control module. When the probe current exceeds the setpoint current, the control module energizes a relay output.

Series 1000 w/ Vacuum-Leak Detection

Vacuum-Type Leak Detection

The vacuum-type leak detection system is a highly reliable means of sensing diaphragm failure, and is frequently used when the process fluid will not allow a conductivity-type system. The vacuum-type system consists of two PTFE diaphragms held together under vacuum and separated by a thin, metallic intermediate ring. In this system, diaphragm failure is detected by sensing a change in vacuum pressure between the two diaphragms.

The complete leak detection system includes a vacuum gauge, tubing, purge valve, vacuum accumulator, and a factory preset vacuum switch. The U.L. listed SPDT vacuum switch […]

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Top 5 Causes for AODD Pump Failure

1.       Air Valve Stalling, Clogging or Leaking: Stalling of the air valve often has to do with the design of the airways inside the valve. If the design in less than optimal it will stall under certain conditions. Same can be said about leakage of air where the air mostly blows through the valve instead of being redirected to push the diaphragm. Clogging on the other hand could be due to the quality of the air you are using. Make sure you use filtered air to run the pump.

2.      Diaphragm Rupture: The diaphragm in an AODD pump is always subject to mechanical stress and over time it causes stress cracks and failure. Material of the diaphragm combined with the method of manufacturing plays an important role in the longevity of diaphragms. Another important factor is the pressure. The higher the pressure the higher is the stress on the diaphragm. Lastly the number of strokes is the ultimate measure for the life of the diaphragm. Pumps that run faster will likely fail more quickly.

3.      Check Valve Failure: Usually AODD pumps use ball style check valves. These check valves are likely to fail due to something getting in between the ball and the seat preventing a good firm leak-proof closing of the valve. Use of a strainer will reduce this possibility. Additionally flushing the pump when you suspect something is stuck often clears the check valves of debris. Wear of the ball and seat also causes leak paths. This wear could be due to abrasive particles in the liquid or just a matter of poor material choice for balls or seats.

4.      Muffler Icing or Clogging: The main reason for the muffler icing is the […]

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AquFlow Wishes you Happy Holidays!

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Release of the IVAX Brochure

The brand new brochure for AquFlow’s IVAX is now available for download on the main IVAX page.

Be sure to check it out!

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AquFlow is pleased to announce new extended office hours based on customer requests and our employees’ response to those requests. Since many of our customers are in Eastern and Central time zones we miss out up to 3 hours of their day by the time we start at 8:00 AM Pacific time. By starting at 7:00 AM we have an additional hour everyday to promptly serve our customers. Our closing time will still remain 5 PM to accommodate any last minute requests from our customers in the Pacific time zone. On Friday however we will close by 1:00 PM, so we can all get an early start for the weekend! WOO HOO!

Mon-Thurs: 7:00 AM to 5 PM Pacific
Friday: 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM Pacific

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Special Promotion for ALUM (Fire-proofing) & Fertigation Pumps!

Special Promotion for ALUM (Fire-proofing) & Fertigation Pumps!

AquFlow is pleased to announce that for the month of December, we will be offering our popular ALUM dosing pump for the sale price of $1,384.00! AS WELL as our Fertigation pump!

Our Series 1000 hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps include liquid ends in 316 Stainless Steel and diaphragms in PTFE, as well 3/8″ male NPT suction and discharge connections. These pumps offer a maximum flow capacity of 27 GPH at 60Hz and a pressure of 300 PSI, with internal relief valves set at 325 PSI.

See our ALUM dosing and Fertigation flyers for more details.
To order, please call at: 949-757-1753 or e-mail us at: sales@aquflow.com
Order must be placed on or before 12/31/2014.

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AquFlow Launches IVAX – Intelligent Verification and Control System

AquFlow has always taken pride in being an innovative company. Many of our customers had asked us to build a system that not only controls the flow of the pump automatically, but also verifies the flow of the chemical.

Metering pumps by nature are very accurate pumps and they are used for applications where the chemical need to be added in a very precise quantity. Many metering pumps are calibrated to deliver set flow rates. After the pump has been set there are several scenarios where the chemical flow could be disrupted. For example, when the reservoir has run out of chemical or when there is an air gap due to degassing or a blockage in the suction line, the pump is turning but the chemical is either not flowing at all or it is flowing at a lower flow rate.

AquFlow’s IVAX not only controls the flow rate of the pump, but it also verifies that the exact amount of chemical is flowing at any given time. It even has the capability to log the flow over a period of time. So when a water treatment facility needs verification that the correct ratio of Chlorine was added, they can easily refer to the log. Or when a process engineer needs dynamic flow control, he can get that along with a record that verifies it.

The IVAX controls the speed and / or stroke length of the pump based on the readings of the flow measurement device. Hence there is no possibility of false reading or assumptions. Everything is positively verified and controlled. The IVAXcan be customized to any given application or it can be bought in a modular configuration to suit most unique applications.

This system can be […]

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2-3 Day Delivery Coast to Coast from AquFlow

We have partnered with a couple of major LTL trucking companies that can deliver any pump, skid or a complete system to any of our customers coast to coast in 2-3 days. This is the standard service without paying any Express or Expedited charges. So when you need a large pump, skid or a complete system to be delivered almost anywhere in the 48 states, please ask us for the 2-3 days LTL service without any extra charge. This is just another way we try to serve our customer better and faster.

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Instructional Videos for AquFlow Pumps – Now On Our Website.

We have started making and uploading instructional videos for our line of hydraulic diaphragm chemical metering pumps.

These videos will include the following topics:
– Unpacking and accounting for contents of an AquFlow pump shipment
– Start Up
– Installing the pump
– Filling the hydraulic oil
– Working out the air bubbles on the hydraulic side as well as the process side etc.

We encourage our customers to give us suggestions for videos they may like to see added by contacting us HERE. Add the subject line “Video Ideas”.

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