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AquFlow Diaphragm Metering Pumps & Chemical Feed Systems

Water Treatment

  • AquFlow water treatment pumps are engineered for injecting disinfectant chemicals, acids, polymers, and other agents used in water treatment facilities.


Waste Water Treatment Pumps



  • Used for agricultural fertigation and chemigation, AquFlow agriculture pumps inject fertilizers and other chemicals into agricultural irrigation pipelines.


Oil & Gas

  • AquFlow oil and gas industry pump systems are specially engineered to handle industrial oil and gas requirements for injecting corrosion inhibitors, pH adjustment agents for corrosion control, chemical desalting of crude oil, introducing lubricants for gas lines, etc.


Chemical Processing

  • Used in a wide variety of chemical processing pump applications, AquFlow chemical processing pumps are commonly used to introduce aromatics, ethanolamines, ethylene glycols, and other chemicals required in industrial manufacturing and processing environments.


Food Processing


Pulp & Paper

  • Pulp & Paper industry pumps for addition of sulfuric acid or alum for pH control, adding colorants, kolin slurries, titanium dioxide, etc.



  • Other pumps used in applications such as fireproofing, chemical spraying, boiler feed applications, car washes, laundry facilities, and more.