Oil & Gas Pumps – Chemical Treatment Pumps | Metering Pumps

Off shore oil drilling rig
  • Injecting Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Pumping alkalies to adjust pH of sour gas or crude oil to reduce corrosion
  • Injecting sludge inhibitors for fuel oils
  • Pumping additives for bacteria control of water for well flooding
  • Caustic soda to crude oils or soured gasoline for rerun through cracking stills
  • Sampling feed stock, jet fuels, gasolines, and intermediates for analysis
  • Chemical desalting of crude (crude oil emulsions)
  • Pumping metal deactivators (antioxidants) to eliminate gum formations in gasolines
  • Antiknock additives and alcohol introduction to gasoline
  • Metering acid for polymerization, etc.
  • Introducing lubricants to gas lines
  • Anti-icing additives for Jet fuels
  • Gasoline color additives