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Oil & Gas Pumps - Chemical Treatment Pumps | Metering Pumps

Off shore oil drilling rig

AquFlow is a chemical metering pump manufacturer for the upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas markets. Our hydraulically balanced diaphragm metering pumps provide accurate chemical injection for the oil and gas industry.

Chemical injection pumps oilfield, pipeline, and refining applications:

  • Injecting Corrosion Inhibitors
  • High pressure chemical pumps
  • Pumping alkalies to adjust pH of sour gas or crude oil to reduce corrosion
  • Injecting sludge inhibitors for fuel oils
  • Pumping additives for bacteria control of water for well flooding
  • Caustic soda to crude oils or soured gasoline for rerun through cracking stills
  • Sampling feed stock, jet fuels, gasolines, and intermediates for analysis
  • Chemical desalting of crude (crude oil emulsions)
  • Pumping metal deactivators (antioxidants) to eliminate gum formations in gasolines
  • Antiknock additives and alcohol introduction to gasoline
  • Metering acid injection pump for polymerization, etc.
  • Introducing lubricants to gas lines
  • Anti-icing additives for Jet fuels
  • Chemical feed pumps for water treatment
  • Gasoline color additives