Food and Beverage Industry – Metering Pumps

Food processing plant

Beer breweries and distilleries:

  • Water Conditioning for the product
  • Metering acid during mashing for pH control of brewing water
  • Handling filter aids (diatomaceous earth)
  • Aging chemicals dispensing
  • Froth inhibitor at bottle filling machine
  • Pumping Sulfuric Acid
  • Power plant boiler water conditioning
  • Feed of chill proofing compounds to beer
  • Process water and boiler water clarification

Food and dairy:

  • Mixing ingredients in manufacture of mustard, mayonnaise and salad dressings
  • Coatings and flavoring to dry cereals
  • Oil addition to peanuts
  • Adding preservatives
  • Addition of flavoring oils to flour, cake, and pie mixes
  • Metering vitamins to many food products, including milk
  • Pet food and cattle feed industry:
  • Metering ingredients and vitamins to both pet and cattle feed stock
  • Pumping hormones to feed
  • Metering additives like colors, flavors etc.
  • Soft drink industry:
  • Water conditioning
  • Metering additives, flavors and colors to syrups