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HydroDrive™ Variable Speed Drive for Metering Pumps

The HydroDrive DC SCR Variable Speed Drive is specifically designed for use with metering pumps

Specifically designed for use with metering pumps, the HydroDrive™ DC SCR Variable Speed Drive is a NEMA 4X (IP-65) variable speed motor control for shunt wound or permanent magnet motors. Its rugged, die cast aluminum housing is protected with an acrylic coating for the ultimate in corrosion resistance, making it suitable for applications requiring washdown, watertight integrity. All switches are sealed with rubber boots, and the manual speed adjustment potentiometer incorporates a shaft seal.

Standard Features:

  • On/Off AC Line Switch
  • Start/Stop Run Switch
  • Auto/Manual Selector Switch
  • Manual Speed Potentiometer
  • Electronic Overload Protection
  • Built-in Armature Fusing
  • LED Indicator Panel
  • Signal Isolation



Voltage Regulation (% Base Speed)±0.5%
Current Range (ADC)2.5, 5, 7.5, 10
ACCEL/DECEL Range (Seconds)0.1-15
MIN Speed ranges (% Base Speed)0 – 30
MAX Speed ranges (% Base Speed)60 – 140
IR COMP Range at 115 VAC (VDC)0 – 15
IR COMP Range at 230 VAC (VDC)0 – 30
CL Range (% Range Setting)0 – 200
TIMED CL Range (Seconds)0.5 – 15
Following Linearity (% Base Speed)±0.5%
AC Line Voltage (±10%, 50/60 Hz)115/230
Horsepower at 155 VAC Line (HP)1/4 to 1
Horsepower at 230 VAC Line (HP)1/4 to 2
Armature Voltage from 115 VAC (VDC) 10 – 130
Armature Voltage from 230 VAC (VDC) 10 – 220
Field Voltage from 155 VAC (VDC) 250/110
Field Voltage from 230 VAC (VDC) 2100/200
Ambient Temperature Range (ºC)0 – 50
Speed Range (ratio)50:1
Load Regulation 3±1%
Line Voltage Regulation 4±½%


  1. Maximum recommended output is 90 VDC for 115 VAC and 180 VDC for 230 VAC. Exceeding these output voltages may cause a reduction in load regulation performance.
  2. For shunt wound motor with lower voltage field, use L1 and F1 connection.
  3. For Armature Feedback, regulation is % base speed. For Tachometer Feedback, regulation is % set speed.
  4. Regulation is % base speed at full load, 100-130 VAC.


Jumper Selectable Features

Control ModeSpeed, Torque
DC Current Output2.5, 5.0, 7.5, 10 amps
AC Line Voltage120, 240 VAC
DC Armature Voltage90, 180 VDC
Feedback TypeArmature, Tachometer
Tachometer Voltage (Per 1000 RPM)7, 20/30, 50 VDC
Timed Current LimitTCL, NTCL

Bold figures denote standard factory settings.

Dimensional Drawing