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AquFlow 3000 - Diaphragm Metering Pump


920GPH + 700 PSI + Highly Accurate

AquFlow Series 3000 compact hydraulically actuated diaphragm metering pump

One of the most compact designs for a metering diaphragm pump that reaches 920 GPH (Duplex) and pressure up to 700 PSI, AquFlow’s Series 3000 pump delights most users with its reliability and ease of operation. Equipped with a true hydraulically balanced diaphragm, it remains durable for years of continuous operation in the most challenging applications.

Its availability in 5 different liquid end material ensures you will have corrosion resistance to some of the nastiest chemicals used in the industry. The drive parts of the Series 3000 chemical dosage pump are submerged in a lubricant hydraulic oil bath to ensure minimal wear under the most stressful conditions. Modular design combines the Aluminum gear housing with pressure chambers and liquid end. The pump also has an internal relief valve to protect against over-pressurization and eventual rupture.

The Series 3000 chemical dosing metering pump is the center piece of customized solutions to many industries including water and wastewater, oil and gas and chemical processing. Complies with API 675 standards for positive displacement pumps.

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Chemical Metering Pump Specifications

Flow CapacityUp to 920 GPH (Duplex)
PressureUp to 700 PSI
Metering Accuracy+/- 1%
Capacity ControlsManual/Auto
SafetyBuilt-in internal relief valve
AvailabilityDuplex or Double Flow Capacity
Liquid HandlingAble to handle difficult liquids like slurries, off-gasing, high viscosities

S3000 Dimensions



Flow Capacity Adjustment0–100% while the pump is running or stopped
Turndown RatioStroke Length 10:1

Stroke Frequency 10:1

Combined 100:1
Metering AccuracySteady State: ± 1%

Linearity: ± 1%

Combined: ± 1%
Max. Process Fluid Temp.Custom engineered metallic liquid end: 500°F (260C)

Metallic liquid end/PTFE diaphragm: 250°F (121°C)

Plastic Head: 140°F (60°C)
Plunger Stroke Length2.75″
Hydraulic Oil Capacity
Displacement Per Stroke (by plunger size)1″ 2.3561 cu. in. (38.61 ml)

1-3/4″ 7.2158 cu. in. (118.25 ml)

2-1/4″ 11.9282 cu. in. (195.48 ml)

1-1/4″ 3.6815 cu. in. (60.33 ml)

2″ 9.4247 cu. in. (154.45 ml)

2-1/2″ 14.1546 (231.9 ml)
Liquid End Material Options316 SS, Alloy 20, Hastelloy C, PVC, PVDF and PTFE

Performance Table

Model No.Capacity
PSIG (bars)
CNIT 0844-0X01824.11 (60.2)700 (48)441″1/2″Curves
CNIT 0858-0X01831.78 (120.7)700 (48)581″1/2″Curves
CNIT 0888-0X01848.21 (181.7)700 (48)881″1/2″Curves
CNIT 0812-0X01864.1 (242.3)700 (48)1171″1/2″Curves
CNIT 0814-0X01876.7 (287.7)700 (48)1401″1/2″Curves
CNIT 1044-0X01837.88 (94.6)405 (28)441-1/4″1/2″Curves
CNIT 1058-0X01849.94 (189.3)405 (28)581-1/4″1/2″Curves
CNIT 1088-0X01875.77 (286.5)405 (28)881-1/4″1/2″Curves
CNIT 1012-0X018100.74 (378.5)405 (28)1171-1/4″1/2″Curves
CNIT 1014-0X018120.54 (454.2)405 (28)1401-1/4″1/2″Curves
CNIT 1244-0X01854.37 (135.9)265 (18)441-1/2″1/2″Curves
CNIT 1258-0X01871.67 (271.8)265 (18)581-1/2″1/2″Curves
CNIT 1288-0X018108.74 (412.6)265 (18)881-1/2″1/2″Curves
CNIT 1212-0X018144.57 (548.9)265 (18)1171-1/2″1/2″Curves
CNIT 1214-0x01A172.99 (645.9)265 (18)1401-1/2″1-1/2″Curves
CNIT 1444-0X01874.12 (185.1)180 (12)441-3/4″1/2″Curves
CNIT 1458-0X01897.71 (370.2)180 (12)581-3/4″1/2″Curves
CNIT 1488-0X018148.24 (560.2)180 (12)881-3/4″1/2″Curves
CNIT 1412-0x01A197.1 (745.7)180 (12)1171-3/4″1-1/2″Curves
CNIT 1414-0x01A235.84 (893.4)180 (12)1401-3/4″1-1/2″Curves
CNIT 1644-0X01896.79 (241.9)130 (9)442″1/2″Curves
CNIT 1658-0X018127.59 (484.5)130 (9)582″1/2″Curves
CNIT 1688-0X01A193.58 (724.4)130 (9)882″1/2″Curves
CNIT 1612-0X01B257.37 (976.6)130 (9)1172″1-1/2″Curves
CNIT 1614-0X01B307.97 (1165.9)130 (9)1402″1-1/2″Curves
CNIT 1844-0X018122.42 (305.9)95 (6)442-1/4″1/2″Curves
CNIT 1858-0X018161.38 (609.5)95 (6)582-1/4″1/2″Curves
CNIT 1888-0X01A244.85 (927.4)95 (6)882-1/4″1-1/2″Curves
CNIT 1812-0X01B325.54 (1234.0)95 (6)1172-1/4″1-1/2″Curves
CNIT 1814-0X01C389.53 (1476.3)95 (6)1402-1/4″1-1/2″Curves
CNIT 2044-0X018145.6 (378.5)75 (5)442-1/2″1/2″Curves
CNIT 2058-0X01A191.93 (757.1)75 (5)582-1/2″1-1/2″Curves
CNIT 2088-0X01B291.21 (1135.6)75 (5)882-1/2″1-1/2″Curves
CNIT 2012-0X01C387.17 (1514.2)75 (5)1172-1/2″1-1/2″Curves
CNIT 2014-0X01C463.28 (1824.6)75 (5)1402-1/2″1-1/2″Curves

Capacity Control Options

  • Dual Axis with both stroke length and stroke speed adjustable.


Stroke Length Controls

  • Manual: Standard on all pumps.
  • Electric: Electric stepper motor. Capable of 4-20mA input.
  • Pneumatic: Runs on 30 PSI air for hazardous environment.


Liquid Handling Options:


  • For liquids with suspended solids/slurries that may clog. Good for high viscosity liquids also.


Degassing Valve

  • Some challenging liquids can cause air locking due to off gassing. Our pump head with degassing valve ensures accurate and consistent pumping by letting our gas bubbles from the pump head.


Double Ball Check Valve

  • An added measure of assurance that you have the position valve shut off.


Tungsten Carbide Valve Balls

  • For abrasive liquids.


Leak Detection Options:

Leak Detection

  • There are two types of leak detection options available with AquFlow pumps.



  • Conductivity probe between 2 diaphragms to sense any break or rupture.



  • Uses a vacuum switch between 2 diaphragms to sense any rupture or failure.


Other Options:

Liquid Connections



Motor Options

  • Enclosure: TEFC, TENV, Explosion Proof, Washdown
  • Power Supply: ACV 115V, 230V, 380V, 460V, DC-12, 24, 90, 180, Single Phase, 3-Phase