Two Product Launches at the Ag Expo

Chem-Bot System

We were excited to launch our 2 new products at the Ag Expo last month.

Chem-Bot System.

Self Regulation Proportional Chemical Injection System.
– Chem-Bot is the solution to automatically and intelligently change the volume of the chemical in proportion to the flow in the pipe.
– It works by monitoring the flow in the irrigation water line sending a signal into the controller when flow changes.
– The controller then sends a corresponding signal to the VFD.
– VFD increases or decreases the chemical flow to keep desired raio.
– All of this without any human intervention and round the clock.
– This system is designed around simplicity and dependability.

Acid-Bot System

Acid-Bot System.

Automatic pH Balance Acid Injection System.

Acid-Bot by AquFlow is a fully automated system which measures the pH and controls it by adding chemical within the desired range. It does all this with minimal human effort once it is set up.

Visit AquFlow at Booth 2031 in Pavilion B!

AquFlow will be at the World Ag Expo

In addition to being strong in Water, Wastewater, Oil & Gas and other industrial markets, AquFlow pumps are very popular in the agriculture market for fertigation and chemigation applications. The accuracy and reliability of these pumps mean the farmers can count on these pumps starting right up season after season. These pumps do not need any special off-season storage procedure. They are ready to go whenever needed. AquFlow also has developed special Unidirectional pumps that do not reverse upon polarity change in center pivot applications. Please visit us at the show and ask us about our show specials on our most popular models.

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