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Alum Dosing Pumps and Alum Injection Systems

Alum Dosing Pumps and Alum Injection Systems

Aluminum sulfate Al2(SO4)3 (commonly referred to as alum) is primarily used in the water and wastewater treatment industry as a flocculant for turbidity removal to clarify water, as well as other industrial applications.

AquFlow is a leading US manufacturer of diaphragm metering pumps for alum dosing and skid mounted chemical dosing systems. We provide highly accurate, reliable, low-maintenance chemical injection pumps for demanding environments. We deliver metering pumps and systems based on your specific application needs.

Alum dosing in water treatment plants can be especially challenging to accommodate sudden rapid increases in turbidity caused by rain, floods, and water pollution. Unlike other pumps on the market, diaphragm metering pump capacity can be adjusted from 0-100 percent at any time, even during operation to handle such variations in turbidity for water treatment. This makes it ideally suited for alum injection systems.

AquFlow can either supply a complete customized skid or a fully automated pump capable of responding to changing demands with an electronic signal. The dual axis control where the pump can be controlled by adjusting the speed of the motor as well as the stroke capacity of the pump, provides the perfect control system for the most exacting demands of chemical injection.

Alum Injection Pump for Spray Applied Fireproofing

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Injecting alum into spray applied fireproofing materials increases yields for more effective coverage, improves bond strength to keep material in place on structures, and reduces set time. This reduces costs and increases productivity allowing for more passes per day.

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Image courtesy of PEO ACWA

AquFlow chemical metering pumps are proven, reliable, and dependable in alum injection and spray-applied fire resistive material (SFRM) applications. The alum injection system operator can easily adjust the pump flow rate, even while running. Also, duplex pumps can be configured to pump material in two parallel lines to feed two sprayers simultaneously.

What makes the AquFlow alum injection pumps ideally suited for fireproofing spray applications is the rugged and durable construction which can not only stand the duty cycle but also the harsh environments.