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AquFlow 300 - Solenoid Metering Pump

Series 300 solenoid metering pump designed for integration into a chemical feed system
The AquFlow Series 300 is a multifunction solenoid driven diaphragm metering pump. Solenoid pumps use positive displacement technology, using a diaphragm and solenoid assembly to displace fluid. For reliable and cost-effective chemical dosing in water treatment and chemical processes in a wide-range of applications. The control panel has a clear polycarbonate cover for added protection.

Flow: 0-20 gph (0-80 lph)

Pressure: up to 300 psi (20 bars)

Control Options

  • Manual Controls
  • Proportional by Volume
  • 4-20mA Signal
  • Digital Microcontroller – For precise volume from 0-100% of its maximum flow capacity.


Material Options (corrosion resistant pump materials are available)

  • Housing – Aluminum or Reinforced Plastic
  • Pump Head – Polypropylene, PVC, 316 SS and PTFE
  • Diaphragm – PTFE
  • Valves / O-Rings – Viton, EPDM, Silicone and NBR.
  • Ball Checks – 316 SS and Ceramic


Chemical Feed Systems

We can provide you a complete, custom-built, and pre-assembled chemical feed system. With your choice of pumps, controls, valves, filters, mixers, sensors, testers, analyzers, and more. Also, you can select preconfigured systems for swimming pools, cooling towers, and other common applications.