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Introducing: Chem-Bot by AquFlow

CHEMBOT Angle view

Chem-Bot System

Self Regulating Proportional Chemical Injection System.
Water quality and its consistency is critical in many industries and applications. Very often the water is chemically treated to improve its quality for a given application. This treatment depends upon maintaining an exact proportion between the volume of the water being treated and the volume of chemical being used for the treatment. Variations in the volume of water with constant chemical flow such as in an irrigation pipeline where fertilizer is being added could show up as patches of green and brown.

Chem-Bot is the solution to automatically and intelligently change the volume of the chemical in proportion to the flow in the pipe
.It works by monitoring the flow in the irrigation water line sending a signal into the controller when flow changes
The controller then sends a corresponding signal to the VFD
VFD increases or decreases the chemical flow to keep desired ratio
All of this without any human intervention and round the clock
This system is designed around simplicity and dependability

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