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Chemical Metering Pumps in a Power Plant

Have you ever wondered why power plants are located close to a water source such as a river? It is because of the need for water. Water is needed to generate steam to run the boilers and then water is needed to cool the systems after the electricity is produced from the turbines. According to estimation, the water consumption runs into thousands of gallons per Megawatt Hour of electricity produced. This water needs to be treated beforehand to get rid of organic and inorganic impurities. If the water is not treated it will start corroding the system and also reducing the efficiency due to scaling, etc. Following are some of the areas where chemical treatment of water is used in power plants.

1. Scale Inhibition, Hardness Stabilization: AquFlow Chemical Metering pumps are used for injecting phosphonates such as Phosphonobutane Tricarbonic acid.

2. Disinfection: AquFlow Chemical Metering pumps are used for injecting Sodium Hypochlorite and Paracetic Acid.

3. Flocculation: PAC (Poly Aluminum Chloride) or Ferric Chloride is injected using AquFlow pumps.

4. pH Adjustment with Acids: AquFlow Pumps are used for adding Sulfuric Acid or Hydrochloric Acid.

5. pH Adjustment with Caustic Soda: Sodium Hydroxide is added with AquFlow Chemical Metering Pumps.

6. Cleaning Agents: Formic Acid or Citric Acid.

7. Heavy Metal Precipitation: Sodium Sulfide or Hydrogen Sulfide is injected into the water using AquFlow pumps.Pic 1 - AquFlow Metering Pumps

All these applications of chemical injection require precise amounts of dosing for the chemical. Hydraulically balanced diaphragm pumps are uniquely designed to deliver exact amounts of chemical regardless of the pressure and flow. They are very easy to adjust either manually or with a 4-20mA signal. They provide dual axis control, one with stroke length adjustment and another with RPM adjustment with a VFD. To facilitate the ease of installation and single source responsibility AquFlow offers pump skid assembly packages for each of these applications where the controls, valves and other accessories are put together for an almost turnkey chemical system.

Pic 2 - AquFlow Metering Pumps

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