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AquFlow Pumps in the growing Global Metering Pump market


The Global Metering Pump market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 4.04% between now and 2018 according to Research And Markets report that came out last week. This growth is driven primarily by the increase in demand for safe drinking water worldwide. According to the same report the main trend in the industry is the popularity of digital solutions for measurement and control of these metering pumps. In addition this digital technology is capable of detecting flaws in the pumping system such as cavitation to further improve the efficiency.

AquFlow is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this growth as a vast majority of our pumps are sold in Water Treatment industry to municipalities around the world. What make AquFlow the preferred pump in these applications is the accuracy and durability of the pumps to operate without any maintenance for several years. This reliability of AquFlow pumps is the result of continuous product development for the last four decades.

AquFlow has also taken the lead in adapting digital technology to our pumping solutions. We have been offering automatic stroke controller ECCA and VFD that are both capable of taking 4-20 mA input from any wired or wireless system such as SCADA. AquFlow also offers different types of leak detection systems to make sure the chemical delivery is consistent and accurate all the time.

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