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Introducing the Remote Pump Head

Remote-Pump-HeadOccasionally we have to pump some liquids with extreme temperatures that are either too hot or too cold. In either case, these temperatures could potentially cause long term wear and possible damage to the internals of the gear housing and the hydraulic oil it contains. AquFlow’s Remote Pump Head is designed to keep that temperature related effect away from the rest of the pump components by separating the liquid pump chamber away. We use the appropriate intermediate oil to better handle the temperatures and help dissipate the temperature difference.

Essentially the working principle of this pump is similar to any other AquFlow hydraulic diaphragm metering pump. The only difference is that there is an intermediate hydraulic oil that transfers the pressure to a pump head that is some distance away from the rest of the pump. These pumps are highly engineered pumps and they need to be customized to each application specifically. Hence we would need to know all details of the application such as exact process liquid, temperature of the liquid, viscosity and specific gravity of the liquid, ambient temperature, duty cycle (how much time the pump is running before it is off), suction and discharge conditions etc. before we can determine the exact configuration most suited to the application.

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