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AquFlow Launches IVAX – Intelligent Verification and Control System

ivax system-01

AquFlow has always taken pride in being an innovative company. Many of our customers had asked us to build a system that not only controls the flow of the pump automatically, but also verifies the flow of the chemical.

Metering pumps by nature are very accurate pumps and they are used for applications where the chemical need to be added in a very precise quantity. Many metering pumps are calibrated to deliver set flow rates. After the pump has been set there are several scenarios where the chemical flow could be disrupted. For example, when the reservoir has run out of chemical or when there is an air gap due to degassing or a blockage in the suction line, the pump is turning but the chemical is either not flowing at all or it is flowing at a lower flow rate.

AquFlow’s IVAX not only controls the flow rate of the pump, but it also verifies that the exact amount of chemical is flowing at any given time. It even has the capability to log the flow over a period of time. So when a water treatment facility needs verification that the correct ratio of Chlorine was added, they can easily refer to the log. Or when a process engineer needs dynamic flow control, he can get that along with a record that verifies it.

The IVAX controls the speed and / or stroke length of the pump based on the readings of the flow measurement device. Hence there is no possibility of false reading or assumptions. Everything is positively verified and controlled. The IVAXcan be customized to any given application or it can be bought in a modular configuration to suit most unique applications.

This system can be sued on several types of pumps. Please ask us if this system can be used with your pump, whether or not it is an AquFlow pump.

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