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AquFlow Manufacturing with Covid-19 Guidelines

AQNL1 1 - AquFlow Metering Pumps

AquFlow is considered an Essential and Critical Infrastructure manufacturer under governmental guidelines. We supply products, services, and parts to Water, Energy, Food & Agriculture sectors and we received customer letters urging us to stay open. We had reduced hours for a few weeks and now since the beginning of May 2020, we are working normal hours and full time to support our customers. Please visit our website here to see our working hours

We however have put in place measures to keep our workers safe whether they are in the office, warehouse, or factory floor. Following are some of the preventative measures we have in place,

1.Every person should wear a mask.
2.We maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance between each other at all times. As a result, we do not use a conference room for more than 4 people and hold meetings in a much larger hall where this distance can be maintained.
3.We have strict orders for employees to stay home if they have any COvid-19 symptoms.
4.We have special procedures to clean mail and all incoming shipments so our workers are protected.
5.We encourage people to use a disinfectant solution to wipe handles, switches, and other commonly touched surfaces.
6.We have stopped allowing visitors who walk in. Those visitors who have to come in for business that cannot be handled remotely are required to get prior authorization and make a case why this requires physical presence.
7.We require PPE in addition to face mask where needed for safety.

We want to let our customers know that with these precautions and safety measures we intend to stay open through this pandemic and long after it is gone. We also would like to remind each other that we will beat this and come out stronger as an economy and better as a nation.


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